Tuesday, June 26, 2012

BEAUTY: Clothing--Milano Moda Uomo Misc

And some miscellaneous highlights from Milano Moda Uomo...

Les Hommes decided to take the idea of the elegance of the tuxedo and deconstruct it for a younger audience. In this interesting theoretical exercise, the tux became slouchy, with a more casual feeling. The only constant was the cummerbund, even worn with shorts! And speaking of shorts, they were also worn over trousers in an apparent homage to the skater/surfer youth. Are they really going to be buying and wearing Les Hommes? Of course not. The audience are the ones who want to pass as skaters and surfers.

Cavali, now headed by Roberto's son Daniele, showed a lot of metallic in a Spring/Summer collection that was said to be inspired by butterflies: models walked around a central cage full of them. Metallic showed up in a lot of collections including Burberry Prorsum. It is an example, yet again, of the Hundredth Monkey theory, where an idea metaphysically builds and leaps from being to being, or in this case, designer to designer.

Jil Sander showed an interesting jacket cut like an Edwardian frock coat, coupled with loose cut shorts that hit below the knee (this length for shorts seemed to be another Hundredth Monkey moment for designers this year).


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