Tuesday, May 7, 2013

BEAUTY: Man--Justin O'Shea

Justin O'Shea is the newest sartorial celebrity in the fashion world, being spotted and photographed at all the important events like Paris Fashion Week. Like Nick Wooster (previously here), he is tattooed up one side and down the other. And like Wooster, O'Shea contrasts the seeming "rough-bad-boy" persona with perfectly fitted bespoke suits and classic, even Old World styling (I love his fur-collared overcoat, looking like something from 1890s Vienna). I can't decide if his fantastic beard is "bad-boy" or Old World... or perhaps it plays both sides of the fence!

O'Shea was born in Australia but currently resides in London where he is Buying Director for mytheresa.com, a website dedicated to women's luxury fashion.

He participated in a campaign for Beefeater gin focusing on the allure of and personal relationship individuals have with the city of London.

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