Thursday, May 23, 2013

BEAUTY: Installation--Sonja Vordermaier

The unique installations of Sonja Vordermaier give me pause... her objects seem to come from nowhere, and occupy a space that permits us to wonder what the individual elements want, and why they are visiting us...

The piece Accumulator consists of a hive of CDs nesting like sinister, damaging insects in a basement.

The watch tower among shattered safety glass is what gives this piece, entitled Fraktal, its delicious puzzling quality.

Power is made up of gold heat-trapping survival blankets held together with scotch tape, inflated by fans.

Invoking insects (or their nests) again, strips of gauzy material have attached themselves to the ceiling in Sleepwalkers.

In Teslasmog, Vordermaier uses high powered magnets to convince metal shavings to swarm on television antennae.

These last two charming pieces lack any of the puzzling or sinister qualities of her other work. First, in Nordluester, a crystal chandelier has grafted itself onto a streetlight in an effort to make the area more elegant, and to make anyone's walk home more stately and special.

And the whimsical Streetlampforest shows a congregation of streetlamps from many different eras and locations flocking together for company.

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