Saturday, July 27, 2013

"Fall Fully Backwards" by Frank's Daughter

"Fall fully backwards/ Into your soft empty bed/ Safe here and warm/ like the first breath you take"

This is a re-recorded and, according to vocalist Frank, more accessible version of the song "Fall Fully Backwards" which appears on "The Sound Of A Heart Unravelling," the debut release from the creative duo Frank's Daughter. Frank explained the reason for the alternative version in an interview with "The album was written and recorded in a way that we didn’t intend to have singles. We saw the album as one piece. We weren’t sort of constrained by length or timings or fills, so songs fitted in to this kind of web of an album and they would have their tempos changed or their rhythms changed to fit within the structure of the album. And singles work in a different way to that, and although we felt 'Fall Fully Backwards' would be a really good single, it needed a radio edit, and we didn’t want to start changing the construction of the song. We felt it would be better to do a reworking as a single that was its own thing...So, I really liked that idea of our song living its own little life separate from the album. We were tempted to call it something else, but we thought we would just let people discover that it was a completely different version."

Frank and band mate Arthur recorded the haunting, melancholy collection of songs for "The Sound Of A Heart Unravelling" over a three month period in near-complete isolation in an off-season Alpine hotel that had been gutted for renovation; the only electricity was in the top floor studio. Frank estimates that up to 80% of the lyrics were improvised. And reports that Frank and Arthur's "background in visual art is obvious from the care they have taken with the album promos. Every vinyl and CD copy has been wrapped in black tissue and twine, and given a blue wax stamp with the band's logo."

When describing their music, the duo themselves say that "comparisons can be drawn with Talk Talk, post 'Kid-A' Radiohead, Portishead, Massive Attack, even Kate Bush." With a list like that, how could I not like them?

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