Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy Winter Solstice 2013!

Shortest day and longest night of the year.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,
Looking for Félix Vallotton images I found myself stuck on your site, full of beautiful images and attractive styles. Thanks for putting this on the web. Enjoy the holidays! All the best, Joost

Jeff said...

Thanks Joost!

The content of "Oh, By The Way" is currently very winter/Holiday-centric, but next month I will be starting my coverage of the men's fashion shows in London, Milan, and Paris. Come back and have a look then.

By the way, I took a look at your photo site and you have some gorgeous images yourself--so many beautiful beach shots!

Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!


Unknown said...


Wonderful Solstice photo! Very evocative! Thanks for posting.