Tuesday, December 31, 2013

That's SIR Antony Gormley To You and Me!

Renowned British artist and sculptor--and recipient of the supremely prestigious Turner Prize--Antony Gormley has earned a knighthood in the New Year Honours List.

In an interview with The Independent, he said of his knighthood, "I think it’s a good thing for sculpture.I think it’s a feeling that these sort of awards went to people that have served the country in obvious ways militarily, politically or industrially. And now they also go to people that have opened people’s minds and this reflects that shift."

I blogged about his marvelous interactive installation Horizon Field Hamburg here last year.

His iconic, massive Angel of the North graces a hill that was the site of a former coal mine in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, England.

Field (including a sub-installation entitled Field for the British Isles) was an installation of 35,000 small clay human figures forming a dense covering on the floor of the installation area.

He is perhaps most famous for his series of cast bodies that have shown up in various spots around the world, but most notably in hi piece Another Place. This particular installation sees 100 of these cast iron figures spread out across Crosby Beach, north of Liverpool in England. The figures are alternately exposed and buried by the ebb and flow of water but also by shifting sand. The lone figures, far apart, are all set into the earth facing out to see in a tableau of eerie longing and yearning, of a sense of departure from terra firma and eve from this world.

Congratulations, Sir Gormley!


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