Thursday, December 12, 2013

BEAUTY: Photography--JeeYoung Lee

JeeYoung Lee's tiny art studio in Seoul, Korea may measure only 11' x 13' but it is the stage for her horizonless visions. She makes all the scenery, set pieces, and props and then photographs herself in the amazing results. She often portrays images of open, limitless beauty, but mostly we see scenes of anxiety and dread that seem to emerge from subconscious worries and fears... objects threaten or drown her, locations swallow or advance upon her, and creatures--or even bacteria--menace and attack her. Whether lost in a maze of hot mechanical pipes (a scene directly out of someone's anxiety nightmare), trapped in a wasp's nest, or coming dangerously near to a Venus Fly Trap, Lee's work feels visceral, and is deeply, psychologically penetrating.

Top to bottom: Black Birds; Flu; Last Supper; Monsoon Season; My Chemical Romance; Panic Room; Resurrection; Sweet Appetite; The Little Match Girl; This Is Not Enough; Treasure Hunt

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