Thursday, January 9, 2014

BEAUTY: Clothing--Sibling

Sid Bryan, Joe Bates, and Cozette McCreery, collectively known as Sibling, really love their knitwear. And not polite jersey knits, or boring v-neck sweaters, but chunky, old-fashioned crochet knitting, like your Grandma used to make! For their '14-'15 Fall-Winter collection, they sent models down the runway clutching crocheted blankets in retro colors like mint green and chocolate. In fact, the collection had a definite 80s vibe to it with a pink-y/red leopard print, sweaters cinched at the waist, and patched denim.

But I think my favorite part of the runway presentation was the smiles on the models. It's rare to see models having fun wearing a collection, and it is infectious: I feel a sense of fun just watching them! And this is in keeping with the playful, whimsical spirit and sense of humor that pervades Sibling's work. I mean, just witness the crocheted two-piece shorts sets!

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