Tuesday, September 27, 2016

BEAUTY: Photography--Alex Prager

Filmmaker and fine art photographer Alex Prager shot a video (with accompanying stills) for Nordstrom's Fall 2016 campaign. Prager's usual style is in full force here with crystal clear images of crowds full of, um, unique people.

“Our lives are moving so fast--at lightning speed--and in particular, our industry, dictated by the internet, social media and this constant urge for newness all the time, has embraced sayings like 'see now, buy now, wear now,'" said Olivia Kim, vice president of creative projects at Nordstrom, Seattle. "We forget how to enjoy the moment we’re in, appreciate where we’re standing, or even remember to look up and see the sky," she said.

I love the hyper-real, dream-like sense of the video itself which seems to slow down and highlight individual moments where fate seems to intervene and bring us a new experience, a new person, a new place, or a new perspective of ourselves.

"In partnership with world-recognized artist Alex Prager, we wanted to capture and recognize that moment," Ms. Kim said. "Using modes of transportation as a metaphor of speed, and as the literal representation of how we get from here to there, the fall 2016 brand campaign also emphasizes that within a crowd, there are countless individual stories and unique experiences, that are all worth recognizing."


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