Tuesday, January 16, 2018

BEAUTY: Clothing--Yoshio Kubo

Press information about Yoshio Kubo's Fall-Winter '18-'19 collection at Milano Moda Uomo all speak about an airplane incident on Mount Everest. But some report that the collection was inspired by an emergency landing on Mount Everest with Kubo in the plane while others say the collection was inspired by an imaginary plane crash. Either way, Kubo survives to put together a collection that references mountain trekking and Nepalese and Tibetan patterns but in a very conceptual way. The mesh overcoats with frayed edges are clearly not meant to be worn in serious weather conditions but speak in an oblique, subliminal way to the lightness of snow and clouds and ice. It's a wonderful fabric to use to invoke a certain essence--and Kubo's website mission statement even says, "I want to pursue patterns and details that have never been seen." Flowing Asian robes (some almost kimono-like) and ethnic patterns are beautiful, as are the parachutes some models carried billowing behind them. It makes me wonder if Kubo's inspirational plane crash--whether real or imagined--supposes that the occupants perished and this (after)life on Mount Everest is a diaphanous echo of reality.


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