Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Retro Wreaths

Here are some wonderful wreaths made out of old Christmas bulbs, glass balls, and other retro (40s-50s-60s) holiday decor. They look like kaleidoscope images of Christmas memories from my childhood! These charming creations are by a talented woman calling herself Georgia Peachez. To purchase wreaths, see her website!



Bev said...

I love, love, love these wreaths - couldn't be cuter or more clever. You are amazing!!!!!! I'm hooked on retro wreaths.

Jeff said...


Thanks but I fear I have inadvertently led readers astray... I wish I had made these clever wreaths, but alas, I did not. I found them on some blog a long while ago and saved the photos because, like you, I was enchanted with the idea of using collectible and antique holiday ornaments and lights in a new way! I think I will add a disclaimer that I am not the creator... even though I wish I was!

What I DO have is a little collection of antique glass Christmas light bulbs in shapes (Santa, flowers, lanterns, bells, fruit) and I have wrapped simple slim gauge wire around the metal bases so I can hang them on a miniature table top tree. The effect is very similar to the wreaths... and I suspect a tad easier to create than the wreaths.

Stay tuned for a slew of holiday posts, like I usually do around November/December--it is my favorite time of year.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jeff said...

All it took was a little digging and I found the source of these delightful creations: Georgia Peachez. A link to her website is now in the post!