Thursday, December 2, 2010

BEAUTY: Installation--Peter Greenaway

Genius artist and filmmaker Peter Greenaway (several of his films are in my All-Time Favorites list to the right) is showing one of his installation pieces at the Park Avenue Armory in Manhattan from December 3rd to January 6th, 2011. I so wish I could make it... If you live in NYC, stop by and let me know how it was.

From the Armory website:
"Visionary artist and filmmaker Peter Greenaway brings new insight into one of the world’s most celebrated masterpieces in his multimedia reverie of Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper. Set within a full-scale replica of the dome of Refectory of Santa Maria Delle Grazie in Milan, the home of the original painting, a meticulously detailed facsimile of The Last Supper is brought to life through Greenaway’s ingenious manipulation of light, sound, and theatrical illusion. Visitors navigate a series of vivid audio-visual environments that provoke new ways of seeing this iconic work.

Leonardo’s Last Supper is part of Greenaway’s ongoing series Ten Classic Paintings Revisited in which the artist creates a dialogue “between 8,000 years of art and 112 years of cinema.” The Armory’s presentation marks the first time that one of Greenaway’s critically acclaimed artistic installations is mounted in the United States."


Anonymous said...

I went on 1/6 which is both the Epiphany and the last day of the installation. Beautiful in moments, however it became repetitive and gimicky. A 45 minute experience that's 15 minutes too long. Still glad I went.

Jeff/Geoff said...

Thanks for the comment Anonymous. It seemed like it had the possibility of being overly long. Glad to hear that you still considered it worthwhile though.