Saturday, December 10, 2011

BEAUTY: Interiors--Eric Kuster

Dutch interior designer Eric Kuster's rooms are streamlined, simplified elegance and decadence. If that seems like an oxymoron, check out his restrained use of color (neutrals, bronze, copper, brown) and sleek, metallic finishes as contrasted with things like an ornate, over-sized wing back upholstered in metalized silver leather. The occasional use of a natural element like gnarled wood branches, antlers, fur, or the reference to bamboo adds further contrast. His style is luxurious and sophisticated... and the look reminds me of Hollywood in the 70s, especially since he uses large format photographs of pop culture celebrities photographed in the 70s to accessorize his walls.


Mansi said...

Hello Jeff, my name is Mansi and I just love your blog. Are you the designer of all these decor accessories and interior designs? I am a writer and works for an interior designing site in India , and we would love to feature an interview on you . Please consider it and revert me back.

Jeff said...

Hi Mansi,

Although I am an interior designer, I am not the designer featured in this post.

In any post about interior design on my site, I try to post the name of the designer and a link to their site. This one that you commented on is Eric Kuster... you can find his website link at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for your interest!