Sunday, June 24, 2012

BEAUTY: Light Art--luzinterruptus

I have written in the past, here, about luzinterruptus, the Spanish guerilla art collective whose medium is light.

Here are a few of their most recent projects. Each one is an interesting installation simply by sight, but they have deep social and political importance, and often serve as passive forms of protest.

The installation Mutant Weeds protests a recent city of Madrid change in the laws that govern light pollution. Pharmacies are now allowed to post illuminated signs much more powerful than previously allowed, rendering the entire neighborhood of a pharmacy a sickly green which leaks into all apartments.

The residents of the La Latina neighborhood in Madrid had a wonderful community pool that was demolished in 2008 with a promise from Town Hall that it would be replaced with a new and improved pool and community/ sports center. Four years later, the citizens of this neighborhood are still waiting for a pool, but they are not going to get one. Plans have been announced for an exclusive luxury shopping center to be built on the site. Luzinterruptus created their own pool in Pool On A Background Of Field Of Barley from over 2,000 transparent recycled plastic containers filled with blue water and light to protest the broken promise of a pool.

And finally, a whimsical piece entitled Bicycles Seeking Owners uses the ubiquitous street bollard to fashion the idea of a bike and promote this healthy and economical alternative transportation method.

Photos by Gustavo Sanabria

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