Monday, May 4, 2015

BEAUTY: Ceramics--Martín Azúa

These beautiful and very specially created vases are from a series by Martín Azúa and Marc Vidal.

From the website:
"A clay vase deformed by the weight of a stone. Craftsmanship and nature converge in one object without artifice where materials and craftsman gesture are equally honest. The project shows the beauty of objects of unrefined appearance.
The stones are unique objects that somehow remind us of a landscape. The vases interact with the stone in its plastic phase in order to create a unique vase. The vases are signed and numbered and come with the stone that created them. This project follows a work that Martín Azúa started in 1998 when he left porous ceramic vases in a river to capture the Natural Stain. This time he claims the ability of a natural element to establish a dialogue with a traditional craft. The pieces have been designed by Martin Azúa and produced in collaboration with the ceramist Marc Vidal."

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