Tuesday, June 14, 2016

BEAUTY: Clothing--Coach 1941

After a successful partnership designing animal-print leather goods, internationally renowned Los Angeles-based artist Gary Baseman teamed up once again with Coach 1941.

Stuart Vevers, head of design at Coach 1941 based this SS '17 collection shown at London Collections: Men on 1950s America, with tee shirts as staples and leather motorcycle jackets and high school letterman jackets as outerwear. And here is where Baseman comes in: onto these tees and jackets are scrawled Baseman's creepy, macabre, cartoon characters...skeletons, black cats, snakes, and flaming eyeballs. Baseman even used a classic 1950s cowboy pattern like those seen on children's pajamas or covering the walls of little boys' bedrooms but added Baseman touches peeking out in the landscape. Baseman's work already stylistically references cartoons from the 1930s like Felix the Cat and some of the more bizarre Betty Boop reels but Vevers added another layer to the collection: fashion journalist Alexander Fury says, "He simultaneously cited 'My Own Private Idaho,' 'Rebel Without a Cause,' obscure B-movies, and even an episode of 'The Twilight Zone'—one called 'Black Leather Jackets'—as equal influence."

Here are some examples of the kind of classic, vintage cowboy pattern on which Baseman riffed.

And here is Gary Baseman's work and the artist himself.


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