Thursday, January 24, 2019

"Seventeen" by Sharon Van Etten

Singer-songwriter and actress Sharon Van Etten's new song "Seventeen" sees her moving in a new, electronic-focused direction and it suits her very well. This song is ragged and melancholy with a very touching video. I've thought a lot over the years about time and aging and charting the trajectory of one's life. If I could go back and visit myself at ten years old, at seventeen years old, even at twenty-five or thirty years old, what is it I would want to say? What tenderness, what bittersweet joy? What loss, what fulfillment? And what would my self, much older than this moment, say to me now? What continuity, what thread? The thought of this is enough to make me...

I know what you wanna say
I think that you're all the same
Constantly being led astray
You think you know something you don't

Downtown hotspot
Halfway up this street
I used to be free
I used to be seventeen
Follow my shadow
Around your corner
I used to be seventeen
Now you're just like me

Down beneath the ashes and stone
Sure of what I've lived and have known
I see you so uncomfortably alone
I wish I could show you how much you've grown

Downtown hotspot
Used to be on this street
I used to be seventeen
I used to be seventeen
Now you're a hotshot
Hanging on my block
Sun coming up
Who is my shadow?

La la la la la la la

I know what you're gonna be
I know that you're gonna be
You'll crumble it up just to see
Afraid that you'll be just like me

Downtown hotspot
Halfway through this life
I used to feel free
Or was it just a dream?
Now you're a hotshot
Think you're so carefree
But you're just seventeen
So much like me

You're just seventeen
You're just seventeen

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