Saturday, May 11, 2019

"Horizon" by Cat Power

Wow, this one really snuck up on me.

I am an only child and my parents are gone. This song and video makes me feel there are people, very unlike myself, whose lives--the texture of their consciousness--are populated, there are people nearby, always near even when not physically present, part of the tapestry of their creation. Connections. Humans. Deep connections that surpass "love."

At this point, I feel there is a lot of air around me, space. Historically, there was only ever the three of us, a triumverate, and we were always lonely, always alone. Yes, there are people who are with me now by invitation and their choosing but this type of deeper enfolding that is taken for granted is not part of my heart. And never will be.

"Horizon" by Cat Power--words, sounds, images--touches me on many levels and in many forms.

Mother, I know your face
Father, still hold your place
Sister, I'm around you
Remember me
Brother, I'm on my way
I'm visiting
Little sister, I know from where your brown eyes come
Your face on horizon I cannot see
Your face on horizon I cannot say

Mother, I wanna hold your hand
Father, I need you to be a man
Sister, if there's any help you need
I'm always on my way
Little brother, let's get on to travel
Let's get up to something
Little sister, can I have this dance?

You're on the horizon I cannot stay
You're on the horizon I'm on my way
You're on the horizon
I'm headed the other way

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