Saturday, March 3, 2012

BEAUTY: Painting--Paco Pomet

Based in a paradigm of antiquated photographs (from around the invention of the medium to possibly the 1960s), the work of Paco Pomet is funny, clever, startling, disturbing, surreal, and pithy. The viewer must look closely. What at first glance seems like a posed family photo or a candid shot of some office or institutional space of the early twentieth century, reveals some sort of anomaly. Cartoon characters and animals occupy the same reality as human beings.

Pomet's technique is fantastic. From afar, his pieces copy old photographs exactly, down to the monochromatic palette (black and white or sepia), but up close, it is easy to see his strong brushwork.

Top to bottom: Alas; La Reunion; Migrants; Nostalgia; Rosa; Settlers; Southerners; Truce

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