Monday, March 12, 2012

BEAUTY: Interior AND Art--Gavin Brown and Peter Curnow

Todd Selby's photographic essay site is one I visit frequently. It is absolutely fascinating to see into people's homes--even more so when those people are artists, writers, designers, or other creative types. Selby's most recent post focuses on the home of Australian artist Gavin Brown and his partner Peter Curnow. Brown's own artwork is featured on the walls, and looking at the surroundings, it is easy to see where he gets his inspiration. The house is stuffed with a fascinating melange of Asian and European styles mixed with tribal objets and natural elements. Because of the avalanche of saturated and jewel-toned color, texture, pattern, and idea, a space like this can be overwhelming to one who did not create it--but after really looking at all, it is easy to see that there is a logic to the collection; there is a clear stylistic thread that holds it all together. Their home also shows the hallmark of true collectors, which is lovingly curated tableaux--in this case they appear almost as altars. In this way, Brown's artwork continues off the canvas and into the three dimensional space of his home. I would love to wander around this colorful cabinet of curiosities and study each object...

And here is a small sampling of Brown's artwork. Like his home, it is a kaleidoscope of color and shape.

Top to bottom: Grotto's Edge #5; Crystal Fields #2; Parrot and Rose; Butterfly Beard; Circus


Mr.Brown said...

Hi Jeff(Geoff), thank you for enjoying our home, please keep dropping by Nic-nak Castle and watching our world of art, interiors and life.
Cheers, Gavin & Peter.
Oh, by the way, we'll be back.

Jeff said...

Gavin and Peter,
How lovely to get a visit from you! Thanks for dropping by, and thank you for creating such amazing art and curating such a fascinating home together!

I certainly hope you WILL be back!