Monday, March 26, 2012

BEAUTY: Film--Doug Foster

Video artist Doug Foster creates absolutely mesmerizing experimental film installations that utilize ink in water. The perfectly symmetrical visions, which are shown on a screen at the back of a shallow reflecting pool to add another layer of symmetry to the scene, and accompanied by the necessary--and perfect--soundtracks create a stunning effect... even more so in person, I am sure.

The first clip below shows an excerpt from a project Foster calls Chimera which was shown in 2011 at "The Minotaur" exhibition in The Old Vic Tunnels in London. How exquisite to see something like this underground, in such a space...

The sister project to Chimera is The Heretic's Gate, inspired by Dante's "Inferno." This project, which uses the same soundtrack, was made using liquid and light, and was shown in 2010 at the "Daydreaming With..." exhibition at St. Michael's Church, Camden, London.

Above: installation view of The Heretic's Gate at St. Michael's

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