Saturday, April 4, 2015

Artistic Easter Eggs

Craft blogger Allison Murray at Dream A Little Bigger has posted some artistic, beautiful alternatives to traditional dyed Easter eggs. Hurry, Easter is tomorrow!

The Galaxy Easter Egg is pretty amazing, and easy to do with a base of black paint and a spattering of space-y nebula colors on top (gold makes gas clouds, white makes stars).

Gold Leaf Easter Eggs are fairly easy as well. You can buy leaf and sizing (glue) at any craft store.

And finally, a bit of watercolor or watered-down food coloring creates amorphous blobs which you can then outline, in a very loose artistic style, with a black fine-line marker to create the impression of petals and leaves on these Watercolor Easter Eggs.

For tutorials on each egg, click on either the name of the egg or a photo.

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