Wednesday, August 2, 2017

BEAUTY: Interior--Ashley Hicks' London Apartment

Ashley Hicks, son of legendary interior designer David Hicks, and his wife Kata created an eclectic, highly personal, artistic oasis in London using much of Ashley's own furniture designs, unique creations, and art work! This is not so much a home as it is a complete statement of a singular artistic vision.

Things are interesting right away: in the cork-lined entryway, an inflatable Niki de Saint Phalle sculpture entitled, appropriately enough, Inflatable Nana, hangs in the corridor.

The mural in the living room is a hand-painted scene of Constantinople in 1818...with faceted pendants.

Hicks made the mirror over the fireplace and glass totem sculpture at right.

Hicks made the malachite-topped console table and the turquoise and blue sculptures sitting atop.

While they were working on their flat, Hicks and his wife had a mantra: "This is not Versailles," reminding themselves not to get too precious, and to keep the decor ideas fresh and quirky. This motto, in French, ended up on a frieze in the kitchen which features a backsplash and geometric nailhead-studded cabinetry by Hicks.

As Ashley peeks in on Kata, we can see that the master bedroom is clad in fascinating murals like the living room.

The guest room/dressing room features a metallic wallpaper by Lee Jofa and informal portraits by Hicks inlcuding one of his cousin, Queen Elizabeth II. The orange wardrobe with unusual door hardware and carpet are by Hicks.

The master bathroom utilizes a collage of Hicks' photos of museum artifacts in the shower area (notice the tub skirt says "MVSÆVM").

Photos and details via Architectural Digest

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