Thursday, November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving 2021!

Despite the many challenges still facing us a nation and in the world, it feels like progress and justice is afoot here in the United States, and it is with optimism that I address all my followers and regular readers of "Oh, By The Way:"

On this holiday of gratitude, let's give thanks for the recent resurgence of hope, and the return of the things that make us good, strong, honorable, and loving human beings. Let's give thanks to the people who bring light and calm and love to our lives and to the world. Let's give thanks for the generous actions and goodwill in our lives--whether done by others or ourselves--that strengthen the fabric of humanism and the choices to unite, protect, and find value in this existence. Hold dear these things and live up to these ideals for which we are grateful. Let's find value in ourselves and others, and express this gratitude in our intentions, deeds, and words. Let's be grateful for the value of human experience, love, and life itself.


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