Sunday, July 31, 2011

BEAUTY: Interiors--Jessica Helgerson

Portland-based interior designer Jessica Helgerson does wonders with the indigenous architecture of the area. Just take a look below at the magic she created for a classic American Four-Square home. She shows how a very modern, clean, and dramatic look can be achieved without eliminating the original, very traditional spirit of the space. The black and white palette is crisp and the sleek, and the modern furnishings contrast beautifully with the period details of the house itself. I especially love the dining set with the curved banquette seating and the stunning blown glass balls in the chandelier. It's gorgeous work...

And for another turn-of-the-century Portland home (she did not list this one as a Four-Square so I will assume, based on the area and the time period, that this home is Italianate), she worked the same magic, keeping the original character and intention of the architecture while infusing the space with a contemporary feel. I really like the penny round tiles on the bathroom floor with the sleek sconce and what looks like a Delia Shade in the shower window!

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