Monday, March 26, 2012

BEAUTY: Man--Billy Hartman a.k.a. GBH

Back in the late 70s and early 80s, I used to stay up late on the weekend, since it was not a school night, to watch all the rock and roll TV shows like "The Midnight Special" and "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert." One of the odd ones was a show from England called "Let's Rock" in the States but in the UK it was called "Oh, Boy" since it was a revival of the original show of the same name from the 1950s.

The show was a revue of 1950s songs by major UK talents like Lulu and Shakin' Stevens. But the highlight--for me--was the host, GBH, as he called himself: Scottish actor and singer Billy Hartman. He was absolutely gorgeous, rivaling James Dean himself. Stunningly handsome... and he could sing too!


Anonymous said...

So gorgeous-I remember at the end of each show he'd say " This is GBH saying "Be There" . I think this is where I got my love of rock n roll! Wish they'd re run it for us : D

Jeff said...

Glad I found someone else who shares my view of GBH! That pompadour, those eyebrows, those lips... *sigh*

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I have been years trying to find out who he was ha ha. I was beginning to wonder if he was a figment of my teenage imagination. Kept getting a punk band called GBH when I tried to find him- then found a listing for Oh Boy this evening and got palpitations ha ha. Again so lovely to have read your page. Thank you very much Jeff.- Gina x

Anonymous said...

Billy Hartman is about to appear in 'Gypsy' at the Savoy Theatre, 28March through 28th November.