Sunday, March 4, 2012


After a recent review of my stats for this blog, I feel compelled to share with you a surprising oddity. When contemplating what posts might be the most popular of all time, I can only imagine that it might concern one of the many artists I have written about, or possibly one of the fantastic songs I have posted, maybe a film or book...there are so many things to Google.

But no.

The single most popular post of all time (for the life of this blog)--BY FAR--is about fashion personality Nick Wooster. Who knew? As of this writing, he has garnered 24,935 single page views. How odd. Don't get me wrong, I like Nick Wooster, I posted about him to begin with. I like his sartorial sensibility. But nearly 25,000 hits? Really? I just did not think that many people know the name Nick Wooster...

What really surprises me about this is that it FAR exceeds the next most popular page view, which is my post about Fellini's Vatican Fashion Show from his faux-travelogue "Fellini's Roma." This is just as peculiar and surprising as the popularity of Nick Wooster.

And in a final non-sequitur, the third most popular post is about cookies! Again: who knew?

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