Thursday, July 26, 2018

BEAUTY: Photography--Lucia Fainzilber

Argentinian photographer Lucia Fainzilber cites being an immigrant as an inspiration for her Cookbook series but the Fauvist in me is only interested in the color! And the texture. What a lovely sense of composition she has! Simply amazing in its subtlety and organization of hues!

"Being an immigrant made me think about identity in a way I never thought before. How our ingredients combine and blend with a new surrounding? No matter how permeable we can be to adopt another culture, or how hegemonic a culture can be to penetrate us, our identity resists. This project is an evolution of my first project “Somewear”, in which this theme is developed using fabric as the skin we live in, as a second house we carry and speaks by itself. In The Cookbook I intend to use food as another prime element in our lives as immigrants. There might be trends, star ingredients and healthy habits, but our memories cannot be replaced by another ‘filling’. Each dish carries a different combination of ingredients, which try to live together creating a harmonic symphony for the eye. As in any recipe we are part of the ingredients list, which are mixed together blending into each other at a certain temperature and with a specific method, resulting into a new dish of the modern Course Menu.
--Lucia Fainzilber"

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