Thursday, July 19, 2018

BEAUTY: Soft Sculpture--Natalie Baxter

Natalie Baxter is an artist with a cause. She is an activist and protests via her amazing soft sculpture works that shine a light on the realities of life in the United States at this particular point in time. Her bio on her website says:
"Natalie Baxter (b. 1985) explores concepts of place-identity, nostalgic Americana, and traditional gender stereotypes through soft sculpture and video. Baxter’s work playfully pushes controversial issues, creating an accessible entry point for unpacking matters of tension in today’s political and social landscape."

Betsy Greer, author of Craftivism, commented on Baxter's series entitled Bloated Flags. “In the run up and wake of the 2016 election, the United States came full cycle with its reality television dreams based on opulence over substance, quick quips easy to quote and a lust for drama over authenticity. These flags by Natalie Baxter illustrate this coming to terms with a change in pace by sharing what our nation’s flag may feel like it’s become, bloated, flashy and familiar in shape alone.”

Top to bottom: Aggressive Nationalism; America, Current Mood; First Month; Fly False; Lil' Glory; Nasty Woman; People Will Think You're Making a Trump Flag (a yuge one); People Will Think You're Making a Trump Flag

174 guns make up Baxter's Warm Gun series. Her artist statement says, "Warm Gun examines the United States’ issues of gun violence and masculinity through a collection of colorfully quilted, droopy, caricatures of assault weapons, bringing 'macho' objects into a traditionally feminine sphere and questioning their potency." Beyond that, I feel it also makes a statement as to how so many people in this country think of guns as toys, just another thing to have like a phone or a car...just a cute little plush toy one can buy at the mall...

Top to bottom: Anything You Can Do; Barb; Joie; Manchester; Racist McShootface; Second Date; Shady Side; Spring Break

And what does America love as much as its guns? Why, money of course!

Thanks Natalie for your amazing work and continuing to make important statements despite the trolls!

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