Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Mid-Century Modern Photography of Marvin Rand

I seem to be working with variations on a theme here for the last few days, with images reminiscent of summers gone by--the vintage motels of Seth Smith (here) and the neon retro signage of Kellie Talbot (here). So along the same lines, I want to share with you the vintage photography of Marvin Rand who captured images of Mid-Century architecture--both commercial and residential--in and around Los Angeles during this lovely post-war time period.

Rand started his studio in 1950 photographing products for advertising campaigns but soon switched to architectural photography, chronicling the exciting boom in building that Los Angeles experienced in the 50s and 60s. His sense of California modernism is now available for all to see in a beautiful book called CALIFORNIA CAPTURED by Marvin Rand available through Phaidon books, linked below.

Top to bottom: Tiny Naylor's; Capitol Records building; Cinerama; Equitable; Honnold and Rex building; LAX; Pereira Residence; Steeves Residence; Stone Stuart Pharmaceutical Offices

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