Sunday, January 19, 2020

BEAUTY: Clothing--Casablanca

Charaf Tajer, creative director at Casablanca Paris recently took a trip to the Lake Garda region of Northern Italy and came away enthralled with the luxury of the area. This Fall-Winter '20-'21 collection at Paris Fashion Week features many charming images inspired by the place and sense of the culture there. We can see images that invoke vintage ski posters for Italy, Switzerland, and France. We see Dalmatian dogs: a dog sits sweetly in a bucolic mountain setting, outerwear sports black spots on white ground, and an unexpected pattern of a butler walking a Dalmatian shows up on suits and pants. Chanel-esque suits, pearls, and furs invoke a certain type of retro-wealth. And because Tajer is from Morocco, he uses patterns reminiscent of the kind of geometric tiles one finds in Marrakesh, Fes, or yes, Casablanca on coats, suits, and jackets. The whole thing is rather sweetly nostalgic.

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