Saturday, July 18, 2020

BEAUTY: Clothing--Misc. Milano Moda Uomo

Well, that was interesting. London, Paris, and Milan Fashion Weeks in a digital, virtual format (save for Etro here and Dolce and Gabbana here). The new format afforded some designers an opportunity to include more in their collections, and swing wider to include more in their respective orbits as it were.

Here are a few little details I noticed from the Spring Summer 2021 collections and presentations that are worth noting:

For his brand JieDa, Japanese designer Hiroyuki Fujita showed an interesting shirt with a very wide placket that hides--or not--a necktie. It all feels a little Zoot Suit-y and a little Western...

The Milanese brand Edithmarcel, founded in 2015 by Gianluca Ferracin and Andrea Masato, respectively from the world of Fashion Design and Architecture, showed a playful collection that relied on imagery that echoes the work of 80s artist and illustrator Patrick Nagel (famous for the cover of the Duran Duran album "Rio"). Take a look and see if you agree that, if used without consultation, Nagel's estate might need some compensation...

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