Thursday, August 9, 2018

Robyn Sings "Missing U" and Goes To Her Party

I just love the music of Swedish singer Robyn (previously here and here). She sings songs that ring out beautifully on a dance floor but somehow she manages to build her songs out of heartfelt, emotional lyrics. Her approach is earnest and sweet and marries what it is to be uninhibited on a dance floor in a sense of euphoria with all the sadness and heaviness of life...since the highs and lows/the ups and downs are intertwined and do not exist without each other.

Here is her newest song, "Missing U" that ticks all the afore-mentioned boxes: an awesome beat for dancing, a slinky electronic sound, touching lyrics, and a chorus musically engineered for maximum emotional impact.

And here is a very touching, delightful mini-documentary about a group of Robyn fans in Brooklyn who began to host a Robyn-themed dance night at a venue...

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