Monday, January 18, 2021

BEAUTY: Clothing--Etro

While he did not show any "day pajamas," Kean Etro sure made his Fall-Winter '21-'22 collection much  more relaxed and casual than collections past (it nearly verges on sportswear in some looks...nearly...I can forgive an occasional cagoule)! Inspired by the quarantine activity of reviewing the archive of the house of Etro (the equivalent of cleaning out a closet for you and me), Etro said, "I played with what we did with our wardrobes; clearing out, looking again, rediscovering, mixing things together, cleaning up... This helped me realize what the moment is—it’s an in and out time. I think [in the future] there will be a strong instinct to express yourself individually; to be your own stylist, be your own designer." Well said Kean Etro, that is something I have always thought when I choose my own clothing and what to wear. I am my own stylist, and while I may admire or even buy a piece of designer clothing, I am ultimately the one who will use it in whatever sartorial expression I want to make at the moment, incorporating it with other pieces either coordinating or contrasting, high or low. With that idea in mind, Etro incorporated into this collection embellished ghillie loafers, pastel cricket sweaters, and British-feeling plaids--he was after all a schoolboy in Cambridge! Yet he did not abandon the signature paisley and gloriously rich color palette the house is known for, and which I, being the maximalist that I am, simply love. Take a look at the video. Fashion journalist Luke Leitch summed it up: "When the models emerged en masse from their runway space into the wintery sunshine on Via Tortona they resembled friends reunited who, unconvinced of exactly what to wear, had instead decided to wear everything they could for the joy of it."

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