Saturday, January 16, 2021

BEAUTY: Clothing--Moschino

Moschino's Jeremy Scott can get a bit too cartoony and cheap for me, but I have to say this Fall-Winter '21-'22 collection is pretty interesting. Apparently Scott is a classic film fan and has been watching the Turner Classic Movie channel all during our global COVID quarantine. While in lockdown, Scott has also been painting. Of course both of these elements infiltrated his work and, according to fashion journalist Anders Christian Madsen, he presented a collection that was a mix of "the precision of Old Hollywood tailoring and the spontaneity of hand-painting. The lines of overcoats, tuxedos, and suiting with a 1940s persuasion were enhanced with Post-Impressionist brushstrokes, in some cases creating trompe l’oeil effects that Scott attributed to his passion for the study of painting." I love how he seems to have accented with painted sections the natural lines of shadows and light on a garment--and even the shine of leather on a Tom of Finland-inspired biker outfit! It is definitely cartoony but in the most engaging way possible...

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