Sunday, January 17, 2021

BEAUTY: Clothing--Fendi

For her FW '21-'22 collection during Milano Moda Uomo, Silvia Fendi showed a collection that referenced day pajamas... something I think we are going to be seeing from nearly every designer in the upcoming weeks of shows. Quilted puffer pieces, shearling fleece, soft camel hair coats, and comforting cotton rib-knits lend an at-home sense. Of the collection, Fendi said these are "Clothes that make you feel good. Because I do think that fashion can have a therapeutic aspect." Other fun details: collars that turn into extra sleeves which hang down to the waist (and which, presumably, can be wrapped around one's neck to create an integrated scarf), quilted slipper spats on shoes (!), and some more structured pieces with venting slashes. And I love Fendi's presentation of formalwear edged with the exact kind of piping one would find on a set of pajamas!

But the most interesting aspect of this collection was Fendi's collaboration with television presenter, comedian/actor, artist, and musician Noel Fielding. He is known here in the States as the most recent co-host of "The Great British Baking Show" (or "The Great British Bake-Off" as it is known in the UK). He designed sets of brightly colored squiggles, and a few free-form, cheery Fendi logos, all of which adorn sweaters, coats, and jackets! Fendi said, "I like him as a man, and he is a multifaceted talent: writing, comedy, music, art. This is something we all have to do today, I think, to change our own skins. And speaking of therapy, in his graphics you can read what you want to see, like colored yarns that have been thrown on the floor to make a pattern."

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