Monday, January 25, 2021

BEAUTY: Painting--Men of Antiquity, Part Nine

In a continuing series (previous entries seen here), here are, yet again, a lot of handsome-ass men from long ago...

Top to bottom: Alexy Tyranov--Portrait of a Man; Alexy Tyranov--Portrait the artist A. Alexeyev; Charles Osgood--Portrait of Nathaniel Hawthorne; Ernest Castelein--Society portrait of a handsome young man; Eugene Delacroix--Portrait of Louis-Auguste Schwiter; Eugene Edward Speicher--Portrait of Clarence J. McCarthy; Giovanni Antonio Guardi--Self portrait; Ilya Repin--Portrait of Andreyev; Jean Frederic Bazille--Portrait of Renoir; Jean-Louis David--Portrait presume de son gaolier; Robert Harris--A man of no account; Soběslav Pinkas--Self portrait; unknown--Portrait of an unknown young man; William Etty--Academic Study Of A Male Nude As A Standard Bearer; Władysław Czachórski--Portrait of Stanisław Czachórski in a masquerade outfit a la van Dyck

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