Saturday, May 13, 2023

BEAUTY: Painting--Jesse Dayan

If you look through Jesse Dayan's website, you will see that his early work was near photo-realistic but his work has evolved into a lovely exploration of paint and styles, as well as a beautiful use of color (look at the red room of Homage To Milton and the blue room of Recital Bach Partita in D Minor). Loose, Impressionist brushstrokes compliment still lives and landscapes that recall Matisse, Van Gogh, and Monet. I love some of the foreshortened perspectives, especially in Breakfast With Birds where we see the window framed with drapery panels looking out to branches with birds but the view is presented as more of a rug on the floor...a rather Cubist idea.

Top to bottom: Alke At The Fountain; Bedside Table; Blackbirds; Breakfast With Birds; Broken Flowers; Discussion at the Alfred Nicholas Gardens; Estella; Homage To Milton; Morning At Monbulk; Recital Bach Partita in D Minor; Still Life With Book The Count of Monte Christo; Wally Dreaming

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