Wednesday, May 10, 2023

BEAUTY: Sculpture--Stephen Benwell

The wonderfully colorful, visceral figures of Australian artist Stephen Benwell come from a fascinating source of inspiration:

For the last decade Benwell has focussed on a series of ceramic statues — this series of works was first approached through an investigation of 18th century figurines and later developed to incorporate the poise and grandeur of Greco-Roman statuary. Benwell's figures subtly illustrate a forlorn image of the male nude, happenstance of contemporary desire, situated within the ballast of the statuary tradition and images of masculinity. These works are enlivened by a painterly touch, illuminated in chalky, pastel hues. A multifaceted approach to ceramic is the bedrock of Benwell's practice, where traditions of sculpture, ceramic and painting converge in delicate harmony.

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