Friday, May 5, 2023

"I've Learned That (Jonathan Kaspar Remix)" by Dino Lenny

This amazing song, "I've Learned That" by Dino Lenny checks all the boxes for me. Dance beat? Check. Otherworldly electronics? Check. A dark melodic sense? Check. Profound lyrics? Check. And the musical build to that buzzy, hallucinatory center section, driving in dangerous rain (we are all fragile), is incredible. This remix features a truncated version of the lyrics but the tighter narrative works very well and makes the sense of the song more immediate.

Thanks, Dino!

Lenny says:
“My daughter Victoria is seven years old. Since she was born, I always felt I had to make sure she knew about me straight away. You never know how much time you have. At first, I was going to write a diary with all my thoughts and stuff like that. But if she’s a little bit like me, she’d probably pick up the book a few times and leave it there. So I decided to transform my thoughts for her into songs. ‘I’ve Learned That’ is one of those.”

Now all this stuff’s happening to me
What is the point now of doing something proper if you can’t live it
Was it lesson to learn
I haven’t learned anything here or maybe I have learned something maybe I knew already
I’ve learned that life is too short
I’ve learned that I’m fragile
I learned that...I learned that
I want to live every moment of my life now
I’ve learned that...I need balance
I’ve learned that everything matters—EVERYTHING matters
I’ve learned that

It’s raining it’s pouring I’m riding the road that leads down to my house
It's raining I'm sorry I’ve decided to ride on my own to my house

I don’t want to waste time I don’t want to waste time with time wasters
I want real stuff
It has to be real now
I’ve learned that
I still want to laugh, I wanna have fun
Laughing is serious, it’s a serious thing
I wanna leave something behind, I wanna leave something behind
I think I deserve it

Dino Lenny by Simona Tortolano

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