Monday, September 24, 2018

BEAUTY: Man--Brian Jordan Alvarez

Actor and filmmaker Brian Jordan Alvarez (who has appeared on "Grace and Frankie" and as Jack's Spanish fiancé on "Will and Grace") just posted a fantastic video of himself. It seems simple enough: he puts on a song by Scottish band Chvrches and dances.

And yes, he is handsome and sexy, with a great body that is a treat to see in motion, but let's get that out of the way. There is something mesmerizing, hypnotizing about this video and watching him move. The way he unleashes the energy, the way he abandons himself to movement itself, the simple joy of feeling one's body and truly feeling that body moving through is emotionally moving and inspiring on a level that goes beyond the physical. It approaches movement as a spiritual practice. I love watching him feel the music, and feel the shapes it is making in his head which he then translates to his body. He lets it inhabit him. He is making shapes in the is like he is creating a sculpture. His spectacular, improvised routine combining chaos and grace rivals any modern dance I have seen.

He and his dance are direct, intimate, urgent, explosive, expressive, sinuous, sensuous, unfettered, joyous, and utterly free. I am deeply moved watching him. Thanks Brian, for sharing a sense of life we rarely get to see in this world.

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