Sunday, September 24, 2023

BEAUTY: Interior--Corey Damen Jenkins

Interior designer Corey Damen Jenkins created an incredible primary bathroom for a home in Minneapolis. Divided into three zones--a foyer, a sink/shower center, and a domed library with concave bookcases around a tub at the rear--Jenkins chose a very unexpected and delicious avocado green to accompany the Calacatta Gold marble flooring and walls. The combination is stunning and makes the colonial revival architecture and molding truly sing.


tuckova said...

I agree it's lovely to look at but all I can think about is soggy books and ruined paintings. And all the objects falling off the edge of the sinks.

I did a hypnotherapy type thing once where I was supposed to picture myself in a room where I could relax and I really struggled between what I wanted (lots of pillows, fluffy deep-pile carpets) and the anxiety I feel around their upkeep.

The avocado is a really pretty color, though.

Jeff said...

Hi tuckova,

I had a design client many years ago now who reasoned that, as he put it, he was not Shamu and would not be doing jumps and splashy dives in the tub, and was ok with things like paintings around the tub area. And he was right, bath-taking is generally not a profoundly SPLASHY affair, lol. Showers on the other hand have a lot of splash! Thankfully there is a separate shower here in this space.

But you are right about the sinks...if I would change anything about this design it would only be the pedestal sinks. I see the design reasoning with the choice but I prefer counter space. Even with the ledge above the sinks, it is still not enough.