Saturday, June 15, 2013

BEAUTY: Painting--Georgine Ingold

Regular readers know I have a love of artists who use paint like cake frosting. There is something so wildly sensual and visceral about seeing an image created from gobs and gobs of swirling paint and slashes of thick pigment made by a palette knife. Swiss artist Georgine Ingold's work fits this description perfectly. Landscape, portrait, self portrait, animals...her subject matter is varied but what engages me is her near-Fauvist use of color.

Top to bottom: Self Portrait No. 29; Outside 26-12-2011, 16-16:30h, No. 4; Self Portrait No. 17; Outside 26-12-2011, 16-16:30h, No. 8; Space for Townes: Animals 2, No. 5; Self Portrait No. 35; Space for Townes: Animals 2, No. 1; Self Portrait No. 39

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